Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another great lineup - and the first Blurb Fest!

Yes, TBR has yet another fantastic lineup of authors this week!

Monday - Brenda Whiteside

Wednesday - LaVerne Thompson/Ursula Sinclair

Friday - Sarah Grimm

Hope you'll pop in and show these wonderful authors some love! And there's only a few more days left to visit with TBR's January Featured Author, so don't miss out. Visit with Jennie Marsland.

And next weekend, TBR will kick off a new feature - Blurb Fests. How does it work? Thanks for asking. :)

The Blurb Fests will focus on one genre at a time, with the exception of the days specified as "open to all."  Romance was a tricky one - I know there are many, many subgenres, but it seemed unfair not to have a Romance Blurb Fest.

First up...
On Saturday, Feb. 4
Fantasy Blurb Fest!

To keep it easy for everyone, all you have to do is paste your book's title and blurb into the comments section, and provide a link back to the point of sale. 

It's very simple, but please adhere to these suggestions:

Blurbs only - no excerpts, please.

One blurb per author (regardless of how many pen names you have)

The Blurb Fest will end Sunday night, so please don't post after that. Until next time, of course. :)

Blurb Fests will take place twice a month.

Next up, on Saturday Feb. 19 - Romance Blurb Fest. Hey, it's so close to Valentine's Day, it had to be Romance!


  1. Great ideas! Can't wait to participate on 2/19.

  2. Thanks Jennifer! Should be lots of fun. :)

  3. Sounds like loads of fun --and I have the distinct feeling that my TBR pile is going to increase exponentially. ;-)

  4. Yes, thanks Marva - corrected! :)

    Hope to see you here, Maeve!

  5. Sounds like lots of fun. I'll get up early Saturday.


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