Wednesday, June 26, 2013

TBR welcomes Sara Jay

TBR: Welcome to TBR, Sara. Will you share a little bit about yourself? Sara: Thanks for having me back! I’m still writing freelance full-time and homeschooling my daughter. I have published another book since my last visit called Hard As a Rock, and I am working on my next one!

TBR: Tell us about HARD AS A ROCK and where it's available. Sara: Absolutely. Hard As a Rock is the tale of Canna, a mischievous faery who “haunts” a sex club, servicing patrons invisibly and having the time of her life! She loves to play with the humans, both male and female, and they think she is some kind of poltergeist since they can’t see her—but she’s really in love with the club’s seven-feet-tall gargoyle statue, which cannot possibly be alive…

TBR: Please tantalize us with a story blurb or excerpt. Sara:

Her obsidian god stared back at her.
She shrank back down to human size and sighed.
The creature wasn’t real, of course. In fact, its purpose was mainly aesthetic. Few people climbed onto the fierce gargoyle guarding the doorway into the rest of the club. Canna certainly didn’t mind; it made him all the more her property.
Seven feet of black volcanic rock loomed over patrons’ heads. His mouth pulled back in a menacing growl, only partly open. Long black hair draped down his back as shiny and lifelike as any centaur’s. His half-extended wings nearly touched the floor. They flanked a trunk bulging with muscle and strength, scarred with streaks that must have been from being moved around over the years. Had he been a real gargoyle, the sculpture would undoubtedly lead his pride as an alpha.
She called him Goliath, like the giant brought down by a rock as solid as he was. As with every statue and machine in the Pleasure Club, he was warm and life-like to the touch. In previous centuries, he would have cracked beneath such use. Current standards for precious stones dictated chemical treatment for lasting durability.
That durability guaranteed her play toy a life nearly as endless as her own. He often cooled during the daytime hours, however, which Canna attributed to lack of power. Some exhibits simply warranted less electricity due to their infrequent use. His volcanic glass could also be to blame.
“My rock-hard giant,” she murmured, running her glittery green fingernails up his enormous bicep. Curling herself into his form playfully, she marveled at how their bodies practically glowed against one another. Her bare, sea foam skin and emerald hair sharply contrasted against his iron-like sheen.
Twirling back out to face him, her grass-green eyes sparkled up at his stone irises. His eyes bore back into hers, their inky depths casting dual black holes for her to fall into. The pupils had been etched quite realistically, with swirls of varying shades of ebony. Not for the first time, she sensed wild life within them.
For a second, he felt really alive, really there to take her and mark her as his Mate, forever. Hand still on his arm, she fluttered up toward his mouth, gaze never leaving his, as if pulled by his magnetic ore. Her lips grazed his open mouth, tongue sliding over his teeth and body quivering.

TBR: What inspired you to write about the theme? Sara: I love stories where a big secret is kept from one of the characters that the audience knows about. I also am also head over heels for stories where a character knows that another is in love with him or her without the other character’s knowledge. This is built between the two!

TBR: Did any music inspire your book? Do you have a playlist? Sara: Yes! The book is actually named after AC/DC’s “Hard As a Rock.” I have loved their music since I was a child—my dad is a fan, too—and I pretty much played them during some of this writing. I often need quiet to write, however, so it wasn’t for the whole book. I even launched Hard As a Rock week on my blog with the song—come visit and you can listen.

TBR: Which of your characters would you most/least like to invite to dinner, and why? Sara: I don’t want to give anything away… So I’ll choose Canna. She’s so funny, I’m sure she’d be doing pranks in the kitchen. Just wait until you see what she does with rock salt!

TBR: What's next for you? Sara: I’m working on another book. It’s called Falling for Fall and it’s the story of the Green Man as a supernatural law enforcement agent and the human, Autumn, he loves.
TBR: Any other published works? Sara: You can find The Boon Collector and Nobody Rides for Free at my blog. I have also written a novella through a text messaging service as well as several poems, flash fiction stories and other writings in print. Online, I’ve written a few thousand blogs and articles for various companies—some as myself, some as a ghostwriter.
TBR: Who are some of your favorite authors and books? What are you reading now? Sara: I just finished Mychael Black’s Coriolis: Distress Signal and it was just amazing. I can’t believe the kind of world building that Michael does! It was like I was there, and I fell in love with both primary and secondary characters right away. I also finished Megan Slayer’s Followed and it was really hot. I love Slayer’s work anyway, but she always surprises me about how much sexier her scenes can still get.

TBR: Where can readers find you on the web? Sara:  Come visit me at my website, I’ve got lots of free reads, interviews, a little art, some music and lots of other fun things!
TBR: Thanks for visiting TBR, Sara. All the best to you.

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