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TBR is on hiatus

Due to time constraints and being overwhelmed in general, I'm suspending activity on TBR. I have truly enjoyed bringing other authors' work to you, and hope you've found some new-to-you authors you might not have otherwise.

Authors, your interviews will remain intact at TBR so feel free to use the links as long as you wish.

Thanks for your past support!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cover reveal: Cinderella Dreams by Cate Masters

Cinderella Dreams
by Cate Masters 

Vintage/contemporary with time travel elements
Coming soon from Decadent Publishing
1Night Stand series

No one should live a life filled with regret. Once a successful wedding photographer, Genevieve Fuller’s life changed the day her ex-boyfriend wed someone else. Heartbroken for decades, she realizes too late who she truly loved and makes one desperate call to Madame Evangeline. She risks everything to right the wrongs of her past, which she hopes will heal her broken heart. Can Gen alter the course of her own future to include the Cinderella happy ending she should have had the first time?

About Cate

Cate Masters has made beautiful central Pennsylvania her home, but she’ll always be a Jersey girl at heart. When not spending time with her dear hubby, she can be found in her lair, concocting a magical brew of contemporary, historical, and fantasy/paranormal stories with her cat Chairman Maiow and dog Lily as company. Look for her at and in strange nooks and far-flung corners of the web.
Cate loves to hear from readers! Email her at:

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Book Spotlight: Gethyon by Pippa Jay


YA Science Fiction Novel
Released by Champagne Books 
3rd June 2013

His father died. His mother abandoned him. In the depths of space, darkness seeks him.

Abandoned by his mother after his father’s death, Gethyon Rees feels at odds with his world and longs to travel the stars. But discovering he has the power to do so leaves him scarred for life. Worse, it alerts the Siah-dhu—a dark entity that seeks his kind for their special abilities—to his existence, and sets a bounty hunter on his trail.

When those same alien powers lead Gethyon to commit a terrible act, they also aid his escape. Marooned on the sea-world of Ulto Marinos, Gethyon and his twin sister must work off their debt to the Seagrafter captain who rescued them while Gethyon puzzles over their transportation. How has he done this? And what more is he capable of?

Before he can learn any answers, the Wardens arrive to arrest him for his crime. Can his powers save him now? And where will he end up next?

A cold wind blasted his back and Gethyon turned his head, glancing over his left shoulder. Darkness seethed into the tunnel behind, a billowing, writhing mass of shadow tinged with sullen red and lurid purple in his heightened vision.
He couldn’t move. His feet seemed pinned to the floor, his muscles locked into rigid immobility. The Siah-dhu howled at him, their voice leeching all will and all power from him. Despite the sparks of power within him, the darkness writhed through his gut, gnawing with jagged teeth as it twisted though his mind. It was hunger magnified a thousand times, as if the vacuum of space had opened up inside him. He fell to his knees.
Gethyon. Not quite a voice, not quite any sound he had ever heard, the Siah-dhu called his name. The roiling mass drew closer. A chill gale blasted over him and snatched all the breath and warmth from him, sucking the life out of him.
“No.” The single word snatched him back from the edge. He hadn’t come so far or lost so much to surrender. As the Siah-dhu pulsed toward him intent on his consumption, he forced himself up again and turned his back on the shadows. It was the hardest thing he had ever done, to resist that pull into oblivion. The edges of the black cloud twined around him, incorporeal fingers striving to grasp him, seething forward to swallow him…
The world disappeared.

About Pippa Jay

A stay-at-home mum of three who spent twelve years working as an Analytical Chemist in a Metals and Minerals laboratory, Pippa Jay bases her stories on a lifetime addiction to science-fiction books and films. Somewhere along the line a touch of romance crept into her work and refused to leave. Between torturing her characters, she spends the odd free moments trying to learn guitar, indulging in freestyle street dance and drinking high-caffeine coffee. Although happily settled in historical Colchester in the UK with her husband of 20 years, she continues to roam the rest of the Universe in her head. Her works have won a SFR Galaxy Award, and finaled in the Readers Favorite Award Contest and the Gulf Coast RWA Chapter Silken Sands Self-Published Star Award.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

TBR welcomes Joya Fields

TBR: Welcome to TBR, Joya. Will you share a little bit about yourself? Joya: Thanks very much for inviting me to the TBR blog today. I’m excited to be here. I write romantic suspense, contemporary romance and paranormal (ghost) romance. I drink a heck of a lot of coffee, which seems to help me write fast. It also makes me talk fast, I think. LOL. I’ve been writing for about seven years, and got my start in non-fiction, writing articles for a parenting magazine.

TBR: Tell us about ALTERED FREQUENCY and where it's available. Joya: My latest release is the second book in my ghost story trilogy, Altered Frequency (Hauntings at Inner Harbor, Book 2) and it’s available at Amazon:

TBR: Please tantalize us with a story blurb or excerpt. Joya:
   After losing her father and brother in the line of duty, Missy Prescott vows never to get involved with anyone who has a dangerous job. Blessed with a golden voice, she takes a job as a disc jockey with her own late-night lovelorn dedication show on a popular radio station in Baltimore.
   Blake Decker has never had a family. He has come to count on the only family he knows—his brothers on the police force. He’s a one-night-stand kind of guy when it comes to relationships.
   Betty McAllister, the caring woman who used to live in Missy’s apartment, is now a ghost. She refuses to cross over until Blake—whom she viewed as her own son—is happily in love. She thinks Missy is the perfect girl for him.
   Missy and Blake need to keep each other at a distance as they work together to help Betty find a way to cross over. But when danger lurks, will Missy and Blake lose everything?

TBR: Are you a plotter or pantser? Joya: I’m a pantser. Big time. Verrrry hard for me to plot, but I’m lucky to have five very wonderful critique partners who help me figure some things out before I sit down to write. Altered Frequency (Hauntings at Inner Harbor, Book 2) is the second book in a trilogy about a haunted Baltimore apartment building, so at least I knew a lot about the setting before I sat down to write this story.

TBR: How do you develop your characters? Joya: Well, this is where things get weird. I don’t really develop my characters ahead of time. When I write, it’s like watching a movie in my head, and I just write it all down. Characters come to me already developed and as the story progresses, I learn more and more about them. By page fifty, I usually understand them very well (and often have to go back to the beginning and change things based on what I’ve learned).

TBR: Did any music inspire your book? Do you have a playlist? Joya: Oh yes! I love playlists for books and I definitely had one for Altered Frequency. It helped “set” me into Blake and Missy’s world. About ten songs on the list, but there was one song I played more than any other. In fact, played it again and again. Broken Strings by James Morrison featuring Nelly Furtado. Awesome and emotional song. It’s Blake’s song, and every time I sat down at my computer, I listened to this song a few times before writing. Here’s the YouTube link:

TBR: Which of your characters would you most/least like to invite to dinner, and why? Joya: Oh this is easy. I love Blake and Missy, and their journey toward love is a fun one. But Betty McAllister, the ghost, is the one I’d like to invite to dinner. While writing Betty, I pictured Betty White, which means this ghost has an awesome sense of humor and a very spirited personality. Yes…double entendre intended. Haha.

TBR: Tease us with one little thing about your fictional world that makes it different from others. Joya: Like many buildings that are over one hundred years old, the haunted apartment building in Altered Frequency features ghosts. But the ghost in this fictional world is a matchmaking ghost who won’t cross over to the other side until the two people she thinks should be together realize they are in love.

TBR: What's next for you? Joya: Thanks for asking! I’m working on a farm trilogy now that’ll feature some tortured, hot heroes, a lot a fresh farm air, and of course romance.
TBR: Any other published works? Joya:I’ve had three other novels and two novellas published, and have two more novels releasing this year. In July, Reunited in Danger, my romantic suspense from Entangled Publishing will release, and the third story in the Hauntings at Inner Harbor series, Sidelined Afterlife, will release this fall from Decadent Publishing.
TBR: Where can readers find you on the web? Joya: 
Twitter: @joyafields

TBR: Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers? Joya: Oh yes! Since Altered Frequency is a ghost story, I’d love to know if your readers believe in ghosts and whether or not they’ve ever experienced a ghostly encounter.
TBR: Readers, Joya will give away a set of Romance Trading Cards of Blake and Missy from Altered Frequency to one lucky commenter. And you can enter for the grand prize of a $25 Amazon/BN gift card via the rafflecopter entry form below.  She'll pick a winner in three days for the RTCs and July 14th for the gift card.

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Thanks for visiting TBR, Joya. All the best to you.