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Women's Fiction Blurb Fest!

This weekend, TBR invites authors who write women's fiction to join in the Women's Fiction Blurb Fest.

I searched for a definition of women's fiction, but it's one of those genres that's difficult to nail down. According to the literary agency BookEnds, LLC, which seeks women's fiction from authors:

I’m very frequently asked by authors what editors mean when they talk about women’s fiction and what exactly are they looking for. Are they looking for Friday Night Knitting Club, Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, or Bridget Jones’s Diary? Yes, yes, and yes. All of those titles are women’s fiction.

So the genre's expandable. If you think your book is women's fiction, please share your blurb!

It's easy to participate. In the comments section, post:

- book title, by you

- blurb

- buy link

One blurb per author, please.

I'm looking forward to reading some great blurbs this weekend!


  1. Gypsy Blood
    Lorrie Unites-Struiff

    Everyone has secrets.
    Homicide Detective Rita Moldova has a secret, a crystal amulet from her Roma bloodline that allows her to see the last image a victim had seen in their eyes before they died. Now, a ritual killer is terrorizing her town and the crystal’s magic has suddenly stopped doing its job.
    FBI agent, Matt Boulet, is sent to lead the task force and gives the group strange orders. Worse, Rita senses he is holding back a deep, dark secret about the killer.
    When she confronts her seer mother’s advice, she learns another secret about their clan that she finds impossible to swallow.
    Rita swims through a whirlpool of confusion as the investigation continues. Can Rita deny the lore of the ancients? Can she deny her growing feelings for Matt Boulet?
    Buy site Gypsy Blood (Born to Romany Blood, Book 1) eBook: Lorrie Unites-Struiff: Kindle Store

  2. The Storyteller's Bracelet
    by Smoky Trudeau Zeidel

    It is the late 1800s, and the U.S. Government has mandated native tribes send their youth to Indian schools where they are stripped of their native heritage by the people they think of as The Others.

    Otter and Sun Song are deeply in love, but when they are sent East to school, Otter, renamed Gideon, tries to adapt, where Sun Song does not, enduring brutal attacks from the school headmaster because of her refusal to so much as speak.

    Gideon, thinking Sun Song has spurned him, turns for comfort to Wendy Thatcher, the daughter of a wealthy school patron, beginning a forbidden affair of the heart.

    But the Spirits have different plans for Gideon and Sun Song. They speak to Gideon through his magical storyteller's bracelet, showing him both his past and his future. You are both child and mother of The Original People, Sun Song is told. When it is right, you will be safe once more.

    Will Gideon become Otter once again and return to Sun Song and his tribal roots, or attempt to remain with Wendy, with whom he can have no future?


    "The Storyteller's Bracelet is a transformative vision of healing through tolerance, forgiveness, and evolution."

    ~Patricia Damery, Jungian analyst and author of Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation, and Snakes, a novel

    "Smoky Zeidel's latest book, The Storyteller's Bracelet, explores an oft-forgotten historical issue—the U.S. government mandated "Indian Schools" of the late 1800s. A vivid account of the experiences of Native Americans Sun Song and Otter, Zeidel’s book illustrates the cultural divide of the period and renders a tender look at the outcomes assimilation policy had on the personal lives of the people involved in the venture."

    ~Debra Brenegan, author, Shame the Devil

    Buy Link:

    Can a simple crocheted snowflake contain magic? The Sullivan sisters think so. On Christmas Eve, 1958, Great Aunt Maude gives a crocheted snowflake to each of them. Years later, they learn she might have crocheted a little something extra-a bit of magic and wisdom-into their gifts. In Snowflake Secrets, each sister, now grown, uncovers the magic of her unique ornament. As they confide their revelations to each other and their dying mother, they discover the secret they all share. An inspirational tale of family, love and finding that special joy that makes life worth living.

    "Spring's Fling" by Sherry Derr-Wille
    When Spring Morrison asks the Easter Bunny for a perfect man, her mother uses the opportunity to play matchmaker with Wade Parker.
    "Summer's Challenge" by Luanna Rugh
    Summer Woods is starting a new life with a new identity. Can Officer Nathan Lockhart protect her from her past while falling in love with her?
    "Atumn's Blessing" by Christie Shary
    Young pregnant widow Deidre feels her life is over until she becomes the patient of Dr. Jeremy Saunders. Can he help her let go of the past and embrace life again?
    "Winter Song" by Lorna Collins
    To Dan Jensen, life seems hopeless. But when he gets railroaded into a Christmas musical, a lovely young woman named Amy Roberts provides more than musical assistance.

  5. DIRECTIONS OF LOVE - Winner 2010 EPIC eBook Award for romance anthology
    Best friends Kimi, Melinda, Jacque, and Lilianna grew up in Aspen Grove, Colorado, but went in separate directions after high school. Now they're invited to their twentieth high school reunion. They want to see each other again, but will they attend, and what stories will they have to share?
    "Finding Love in Paradise" by Lorna Collins When Kimi McGuire goes to Hawaii to discover her Hawaiian roots, she also finds Jason Nakagiri, a good-looking Hawaiian surfer who steals her heart. But is he truly the love of her life or just her dream of a soul mate? "Love South of the Border Style" by Christie Shary
    Melinda Miller falls hard while on a vacation in Mexico, but when he doesn't call, she believes her one chance at happiness has died. Is Juan Carlos merely a summer romance as she fears, or can their love survive time and distance?
    "Love, Wisconsin Style" by Sherry Derr-Wille
    Jacque Harris dreams of living in Scandinavia working as a translator, but a hasty marriage kills her dreams, trapping her in Wisconsin. Now divorced, is Bryan Chapman, the guy she meets in the grocery store, the start of the relationship of her dreams?
    "Love Under the Northern Lights" by Luanna Rugh
    Lilianna Anderson left town in humiliation the day after high school graduation, never to return, but her mother's sixty-fifth birthday can't be ignored. When she runs into Russ Anthony, the high school sweetheart who betrayed her, can she find love again?

    Christmas is a magic time, especially when love is all around and the Mother Lode hosts five weddings and a family celebration.
    "Cory’s Christmas" – Sherry Derr-Wille
    Cory never expected to run Baker’s Secret Hideaway, but when she needs help, Dex Trenton "Christmas Day" – Luanna Rugh
    Chris Day isn’t looking forward to Christmas. But injured skier Raven Chase lands in Red Rock Clinic on Christmas Eve, and her holiday plans change.
    "Mistletoe Magic" – Lorna Collins
    All Noelle McGregor wants is real mistletoe her first Christmas without family, but getting it leads to literally falling for Matt Spicer.
    "The Gathering" – Christie Shary
    Sonata Sullivan returns home where she encounters her widowed high school boyfriend, Tommy Henderson. But her heart belongs to Jamali in Morocco.
    "Christmas Treasure" – Cheryl Gardarian
    Posing as tourists, Sara Hayden and Gretchen Dodge meet Swedish businessman Thad Johansson. When he returns unexpectedly, will their deception be discovered?

  7. "Sarabande"
    by Malcolm R. Campbell

    In this harrowing, fantasy adventure story, Sarabande's sister, Dryad, haunts her from beyond the grave for three long and torturous years.

    Sarabande undertakes a dangerous journey into the past– to either raise her cruel sister from the dead, ending the torment...or to take her place in the safe darkness of the earth.

    Sarabande leaves the mountains of Montana for the cornfields of Illinois on a black horse to seek help from Robert Adams, the once powerful Sun Singer, in spite of Gem’s prophecy of shame. One man tries to kill her alongside a deserted prairie tries to save her with ancient wisdom... and Robert tries to send her away.

    Even if she persuades Robert to bring the remnants of his magic to Dryad’s shallow grave, the desperate man who follows them desires the Rowan staff for ill intent... and the malicious sister who awaits their arrival desires much more than a mere return to life.

    Buy link for Kindle edition:

    Thank you for your fiction blurb fest!


  8. Orion Rising by C.A. Masterson

    To the Byrne children, constellations were more than stick figures in the night sky. At their father’s telling, their myths became tales of adventure and romance for Percy, Allie, Mary and Aurie, whose names seem to imbue celestial royalty upon them. When the Orion River floods in 1965, the Byrne children are drawn to it like sailors to a siren’s call. After Aurie disappears in the river, their names seem more like a curse. Though self-imposed, the curse follows them through three decades before each learns the key to breaking it – love, and forgiveness. But sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself.

    Available at Amazon:

  9. Thanks Cate for Women’s Fiction Blurb Fest!

    Defining Moments
    by Faye Hicks

    Have you ever wished you could rewind the clock and change a bad decision? ‘Defining Moments’ is the story of Ellie Ward – a woman who can do exactly that. At her childhood home Ellie accidentally discovers a window to the past, one that opens to her whenever she is faced with extreme trauma and emotion. Passing through it takes Ellie back in time to the key decision points that cause her life’s tragedies, giving her the opportunity to change the bad decisions and prevent each disaster. Unfortunately, she never has any idea what the specific ‘defining moments’ were and so she never knows how much of her life she is going to have to repeat in order to undo a bad situation.

    Defining Moments opens in the present when Ellie, “on the wrong side of both 50 and 150 pounds”, is a scientist working in northern Canada. Ellie heads out with three other people in a tiny, single engine plane and her decision not to insist that they turn back before they venture too far from town becomes yet another defining moment in her life when their engine fails and they crash land in the bush. As the only able-bodied survivor, Ellie’s student, Brenda, takes on the burden of keeping the others safe as they wait for help to arrive. Fearing that Brenda is crumbling under the emotional strain, Ellie shares her personal journal as a diversion. Brenda immerses herself in Ellie’s autobiography and we join with her in reading of Ellie’s multiple lives, careers, passions and losses. As Ellie’s life story unfolds against the backdrop of the crisis at the crash scene, Brenda is first skeptical about her professor’s claims to have gone back in time to reverse decisions that resulted in tragic outcomes. However, as the hours of waiting turn into days and Ellie’s condition deteriorates, Brenda can’t help but wonder: if it is possible, and Ellie has found a way to rewind the clock to each defining moment in her life, will she live to get the chance to do it this time?

    Available at Amazon:

  10. "Appalachian Justice," by Melinda Clayton


    Billy May Platte is a half Irish, half Cherokee Appalachian woman who learned the hard way that 1940s West Virginia was no place to be gay. As Billy May explains, "We was sheltered in them hills. We didn't know much of nothin' about life outside of them mountains. I did not know the word lesbian; to us, gay meant havin' fun and queer meant somethin' strange."

    In 1945, when Billy May was fourteen years old and orphaned, three local boys witnessed an incident in which Billy May's sexuality was called into question. Determined to teach her a lesson she would never forget, they orchestrated a brutal attack that changed the dynamics of the tiny coal mining village of Cedar Hollow, West Virginia forever.

    Thirty years after the brutal attack, living in solitude on top of Crutcher Mountain, Billy May discovers the hideout of a young girl - a girl who just happens to be the daughter of one of the boys who attacked Billy May so long ago. No one knows better than Billy May the telltale signs of abuse, and she must quickly make a decision. Will she withdraw into the solitude in which she has lived since the horrific attack, or will she risk everything to save the girl from a similar fate? Billy May's choices will once again change not only her own future, but the future of Cedar Hollow as well, and certainly the future of the young girl.

    Buy link:

  11. Sin of Omission author Charmaine Gordon

    Blurb: Seems easy enough. Jimmy Costigan will deliver supplies to sister Charlie's projectm Haven, a respite for the needy, and leave. Simple.

    Instead, Shelley Jackson answers the door, says she needs him and soft hearted Jimmy stays to protect the family seeking refuge from a sociopath. He didn't count on falling in love.

    A twist of fate intervenes when Shelley keeps a secret that threatens to break apart the Costigans and her future. A mysterious client, Deanna Rose, enters Haven, victim of a savage beating under strange circumstances. Using Internet resources, Shelley digs in to find Ms. Rose has an unsavory past.

    With the reputation and safety of Haven at stake, Shelley is at risk to lose everything ... and everyone she cares about.

    Thank you for this opportunity to reach out.

  12. Taken In: Book 1 of The DAGON HOUSE TRILOGY by Jane Toombs:
    After Gail witnesses the murder of a man she knows in NY City, she's afraid the killer has seen her, so takes off for the Adirondacks. Both the killer and Special Agent Jason are following her, but Jason spots her first. With the killer now targeting them both, he manages to lose the pursuer by swerving onto a mountain road, but in the dark he swerves again to miss hitting a deer and the car crashes.
    With Jason injured from the crash, Gail manages to get him to the only house she can find in the area--an old Victorian called Dagon House. She images they're temorarily safe, never dreaming they're now in deadly danger... Jane
    Buy link on my website:

  13. The Unexplored Heart by Marilyn Celeste Morris

    Impoverished but proud Vanessa Danforth is forced from her mother's home by her new stepfather's treachery in 1860s England.
    After graduating from stenographer's school, she accepts a position at the estate of famed world explorer, Harrison Courtland.
    Made a widower by his wife's tragic death in the Himalayas, Courtland has retreated into his work...while Vanni forges friendships with his daughter Katrin and the handsome physician from the neighboring estate.
    As Vanni encourages Courtland to unearth the ancient ruins at the edge of his property, she discovers not only a stunning secret and a hidden treasure, but also her own heart's desire.
    Buy links:
    Vanilla Heart Publishing::

  14. A Chaunce of Riches by Chelle Cordero

    Ben Johnson was hired as a bodyguard for a rich widow and her kid, but he never expected to be working for the woman who had abandoned him just when he had needed her the most. Damn it all, he still wanted her. Samantha Chaunce never thought she would have to explain why she married the rich man instead of Ben. Or that her husband had been murdered...and Ben was the prime suspect.

    Fiction » Romance » General
    Fiction » Thriller & suspense » General

    Available in print and multiple ebook formats

    Buy links: (print & Kindle) (print & NOOK)

    Thank you Cate for Women’s Fiction Blurb Fest!

  15. Shooting Into the Sun by Linda Rettstatt

    Recipe for an insightful women's fiction story with a sweet, heartwarming romantic subplot:

    Toss together one uptight, rule-oriented nature photographer on a mission with her younger 'rules-are-for-fools' and recently un-engaged sister. Blend in a handsome, mysterious hitchhiker on a mission of his own. Let them stew together while they travel from Mackinac Island, Michigan, through the Grand Canyon, with a stop in Las Vegas (and we already know what happens there, stays there), and land them in a shared house overlooking the ocean in Bodega Bay, California. Bring to a slow boil. Secrets will rise to the top. Attractions will be revealed. Truths will be exposed. For Rylee Morgan, happiness may be found.

    Shooting into the Sun Available now from Champagne Books at

    And at for Kindle and B& for Nook


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