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Native American blurb fest

This weekend, TBR is highlighting stories with Native American characters. If your story contains NA characters, please share your blurb!

It's easy to participate - in the comments section below, just post:

1. The book title
2. Author name
3. Blurb
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One blurb per author, please.

The blurb fests have drawn many visitors to TBR, so hopefully you'll gain some new readers.

Post away!


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to post on your site.
    Passion's Vision (Book One of Passion's Series)
    Author Mary Adair
    Available in Kindle and print:

    Passion's Vision takes place in the mid 1700's in the Carolina Cherokee villages. James Fitz-Gerald is an agent in the court of King George II. James is on an undercover mission from the King when he arrives in the Cherokee village, Chota Town. He knows this mission will be his most difficult with the lives of both white families and Native Americans in the balance. With this responsibility weighing heavy on him, the furthest thought from his mind is an entanglement with another woman. That is, until his life is saved by a proud and beautiful Cherokee woman.

    New Moon, sister to Chief Dancing Cloud is a warrior in her own right. She hardly notices the stupid white man whose life she saves in battle, but when James arrives in her village she is reminded of the troubling visions sent to her by the Great Spirit. She determines within her hart, even after a vision from the Great Spirit telling her otherwise, she will never belong to a white man and most assuredly not to this one.

    Passion's Vision is the story of the love and respect that grows between an agent in the court of King George II and a Cherokee Princess. Their lives are destined to be filled with adventure and triumph, sometimes with loss and pain, but always with passion.

    Professional Reviews:Reviews(at)Sime-Gen 5 Stars Reviewers Choice: A man and a woman separated by language and culture is the theme of many great love stories. Well, you can add another to the list. Sweeping, panoramic and steeped in historical detail...,

  2. This time in America history is so interesting. I like this genre blurbs the day before Hell on Wheels starts up on TV again.

  3. Eagle Quest
    by Marva Dasef
    (.99 Kindle, 7.99 paperback)
    Genre: Contemporary teen adventure

    Fiona, Hap, Billy, and Mitch make an odd set of friends, as different from the usual junior high school crowd as they are from each other.

    Mitch, the oldest of the four, is a half-breed Native American, adopted by white parents. Troubled that he doesn't know his tribe, he avidly studies Native American history and lore. Learning the nearby Bear Valley Wildlife Refuge is a bald eagle nesting site, he wants to add an eagle feather to his medicine bag and explore the refuge as a site for his Vision Quest, a Native American rite of passage. He and his three friends get far more than an overnight camp out as they encounter a black bear, a retired forest ranger living in the refuge, and a pair of eagle poachers. Bringing the poachers to justice, they test their courage and gain confidence in themselves and each other. Approx. 38K words.

  4. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce my western/native american historical romance.

    by Cheri Kay Clifton
    (also in paperback)

    Laura Westbrook expected to face her share of challenges crossing the continent on a wagon train. But when she saves the life of the courageous white warrior, Grey Wolf, she finds the pathways between pride and prejudice, love and loyalty far more difficult to travel.

    Having buried deep within him the horrific memory of his family's massacre at the hands of a rogue band of Pawnee, young David thrives under the care and tutelage of his rescuer, Cheyenne Chief Black Arrow. Trained to become the proud warrior named Grey Wolf, he finds his life changed again by the beautiful and strong-willed Laura, who encourages him to reclaim his forsaken heritage and face the secrets of his haunted past.

    From the rugged Nebraska plains to a Cheyenne village, from an army fort to a small town in California, destiny leads Laura and Grey Wolf on a trail of passion and danger that culminates in an astounding revelation.

  5. Thank you for the opportunity to post my book, Yellowstone Heart Song (Book 1 in the Yellowstone Romance Series). While my blurb doesn't specifically mention it, one tribe of Indians that made the Yellowstone region their permanent home is prominently featured throughout the five-book series.

    Currently on sale for $0.99 at Amazon

    Nurse and avid backpacker Aimee Donovan is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. She encounters a patient who tells her he can send her two hundred years into the past to spend three months in the rugged Yellowstone wilderness at the dawn of the mountain man era. The only requirement: she cannot tell anyone that she’s from the future.

    How did a white woman suddenly appear in the remote Rocky Mountain wilderness? Trapper Daniel Osborne’s first instinct is to protect this mysterious and unconventional woman from the harsh realities of his mountains. While he fights his growing attraction to her, he is left frustrated by her lies and secrecy.

    Daniel shows Aimee a side of Yellowstone she’s never experienced. She is torn between her feelings for him, and exposing a secret that will destroy everything he holds as truth. As her three months come to an end, she is faced with a dilemma: return to her own time, or stay with the man who opened her eyes to a whole new world. When the decision is made for her, both their lives will be changed forever.

    Other titles in the Yellowstone Romance Series:

    Yellowstone Heart Song (Book 1)
    Yellowstone Redemption (Book 2)
    Yellowstone Awakening (Book 3)
    Yellowstone Dawn (Book 4)
    Yellowstone Deception (Book 5)

  6. And for something a little different - a Weird West horror novella! Not mentioned in the blurb is the Ujahwek-fighting team that Randall Montgomery forms with his best friend's widow, Bonnie, and Toko, a Hopi warrior.

    by John A. Karr

    As God created Man in His own image, so too did Lucifer create the Ujahwek to prey upon the fleshed manifestations of his enemy.

    For years Randall Montgomery swung a sledgehammer in a coal mine, as if pitting himself against a mountain would replenish a soul depleted by the Civil and Indian Wars. With the onset of black lung and middle age, he journeys west to visit an old army buddy before starting life anew. Instead of a friendly reunion, he finds a burgeoning terror last encountered in North America by early humans. A threat bent on claiming all who draw breath in the Wyoming Territories.

    For ages the dark spirits of the once-feared Ujahwek have waited, ravenous and expectant ... until a banished female shaman of the Blackfoot tribe is drawn to Skull Cliff in the Owl Creek Mountains. The shaman embraces the spirit of Xotaena, Ujahwek high priestess, and unleashes the means to resurrect the unholy species. Immediately they hunt their prey: humans. Xotaena selects Randall Montgomery for possession with the soul of her mate. To survive he must battle in both the physical and mental realms, or get dragged into the depths of humanity lost.

  7. Title: For Love of Banjo
    Author: Sarah J. McNeal
    Banjo is part Lakota. When Maggie falls ill with the Influenza of 1918, Banjo’s Lakota uncle steps in to guide Banjo through a Lakota ceremony to cure Maggie.
    "Dammit, Maggie, you've got to try harder to get well. If you hear my voice, then you listen to what I'm saying. We have a son who needs his mother. You can't just give up. I need you. Do you hear me, Maggie? I
    need you." He clasped her hands in his while his heart sank at the sight of her milk, white skin and the gleam of sweat that covered her. Anger welled up inside him. Couldn't she see that he couldn't live without her? Didn't she understand that his heart would close off forever? "You've got listen to me, Maggie."
    Teekonka entered silently and made his way to where he knelt. He felt mad with despair when his uncle lifted him by his upper arms and made him stand. "You will come with me now, Banjo." Teekonka peered at Joe. "I will need Banjo until nightfall. Can you see to Maggie until then?"
    Joe nodded. "Of course I can. I have much I need to do here. Take Banjo with you if you need him."
    Banjo resisted. "I'm not going anywhere. Nothing needs me as much as Maggie does. Can't you take care of it?"
    "You must come with me to perform the Chanunpa Wakan. Come with me now.” Banjo had never heard his uncle speak in a voice with such demand. It must be a very serious thing his uncle needed of him.
    "Chanunpa Wakan?" Banjo had never heard these words before.
    His uncle answered as he led Banjo down the stairs. "We must perform the healing ceremony of the sacred pipe. Come with me to the garden."
    Buy links:
    Lulu :
    Monkey Bars :

  8. Follow the Stars Home, Native American historical, by Cate Masters

    What’s left for the Lakota when everything around them is changing? Quiet Thunder and Black Bear fear for their tribe’s welfare when buffalo and other game become scarce. A military captain named Pratt promises to teach them white man’s ways so they can become successful. Quiet Thunder follows Black Bear to Carlisle, Pennsylvania, to the Indian Industrial School. The school’s rigid schedule allows little time together, and Black Bear grows more distant as his confusion over his identity grows. Can Quiet Thunder make him believe her love is as eternal as the stars?

    Follow the Stars Home came together after meticulous research. Based on the 1879 founding of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, Follow the Stars Home weaves true accounts with fictional characters. Available at and in paperback from Amazon:


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