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This weekend is the Suspense Blurb Fest!

Suspense readers, get ready for your TBR list to grow.

Suspense authors, I hope you'll share your blurbs. It's easy. In the comments section below, simply enter:

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  1. Practice To Deceive, fifth in the Sticks Hetrick series
    by J. R. Lindermuth

    Blurb: Trouble follows Sticks Hetrick when he and Anita Bailey, the new woman in his life, go on a Caribbean cruise. Though he has no jurisdiction, Hetrick assists a Jamaican police inspector investigate two murders which have roots back home in Pennsylvania.

    Meanwhile, Officer Flora Vastine, Hetrick’s protégé and the team in Swatara Creek, are probing mysterious assaults on young women which will put Flora’s life in jeopardy.

    Both Hetrick and Flora will learn the past has consequences which can’t be denied.


  2. Thanks for this opportunity!

    In Name Only
    by Carol Kilgore

    Crime Fiction with a Kiss...a genre blend of mystery, suspense, and romance.

    No home. No family. No place to hide. For Summer Newcombe, that's only the beginning.

    The night Summer escapes from a burning Padre Island eatery and discovers the arsonist is stalking her, is the same night she meets Fire Captain Gabriel Duran. As much as she's attracted to Gabe, five years in the Federal Witness Security Program because of her father’s testimony against a mob boss have taught her the importance of being alone and invisible.

    No matter how much she yearns for a real home, Summer relinquished that option the night she killed the man who murdered her father. But Gabe breaks down her guard and places both of them in danger. Summer has vowed never to kill again, but she's frantic she'll cost Gabe his life unless she stops running and fights for the future she wants with the man she loves.


  3. Disappear
    by Iain Edward Henn

    On a rain-drenched night, a young husband runs to the corner shop - and never returns.

    Eighteen years later, his body reappears.

    -Reappears, wearing the same clothes, and on the same street from which he went missing.
    -Reappears, and is the victim of a hit/run driver.

    He looks exactly the same now as when he vanished.

    His widow, Jennifer Parkes, is determined to solve this enigma once and for all.

    Other bodies are found, all missing eighteen years. None seem to have aged.

    On the trail of a vicious killer, Jennifer and homicide detective Neil Lachlan are drawn into a human minefield of deception and terror; into the depths of a mystery that baffles the police and defies logic. Investigating at the forefront of scientific and medical technologies, they confront a threat that is closer than either of them could ever have imagined.

  4. What We Found, by Kris Bock

    When Audra stumbles on a murdered woman in the woods, more than one person isn't happy about her bringing the crime to light. She’ll have to stand up for herself in order to stand up for the murder victim. It’s a risk, and so is reaching out to the mysterious young man who works with deadly birds of prey. But with danger all around, some risks are worth taking.

  5. Buying Murder
    by Nancy Lynn Jarvis

    Murder gets personal when human remains are found in the beach cottage that realtors Regan McHenry and her husband, Tom Kiley, buy. The murder victim has been hidden away for sixteen years, and although the authorities quickly discover his identity, the trail to his killer is cold after so many years.
    Regan has sworn off playing amateur detective, but when it becomes clear the police have to focus on more pressing crimes, she has to break her promise. As her friend police ombudsman Dave Everett says, “Your house, Regan, your murder.”
    Welcome back to Santa Cruz, the community whose unofficial motto is “Keep Santa Cruz Weird,” for the twists and turns of the third book in the Regan McHenry Mystery Series.

  6. I can't help but read these blurbs and think what great movies or miniseries they might make. I'm a huge fan of suspense movies and books.

    by Jan Christensen

    After a dark secret shakes Kirk Hudson’s faith, he escapes from the religious cult he’s been a member of for over two years. He can hardly wait to see his mother and his identical twin again, but the night he arrives home, his brother is brutally murdered. Wracked with guilt because he suspects a cult member meant to kill him instead of his brother, Kirk is forced at knifepoint to return to the cult where he finds even more secrets. No one is sure what “Transfiguration Day” really means except the ethereal sister and devilish brother co-leaders. The deeper Kirk delves into each secret and the murder of his twin, the more dread he feels. But Transfiguration Day scares him most of all.


  8. I'm moving these four from the wrong section...

    susan furlong-bolliger, September 8, 2012 2:41 PM

    DEAD GIVEAWAY (short story) By: Susan Furlong-Bolliger

    Upon returning for her father's funeral, Julie finds that not much has changed in her hometown-including her evil stepmother, Rose. Suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her father's death, Julie embarks on her own investigation. She soon finds herself entangled in a mystery with a million dollars at stake and a cast of characters befitting of her hometown's name-Lake Loon.

    Untreed Reads:

    Maggie BishopSeptember 8, 2012 3:21 PM

    Murder at Blue Falls, cozy mystery by Maggie Bishop isavailable for free as a Kindle e-book today and tomorrow, Sept 8 and 9, 2012. Hope you will help my ranking numbers and download it.
    Don't have a kindle? Here's the free app link
    Come and join the reading party! Thank you for taking a chance on my free e-book.

    SandyTSeptember 8, 2012 4:06 PM

    DESTINY KILLS by S.D. Tooley. Sam Casey is asked to look into several suspicious deaths. Were they really suicides or something more sinister?

    Caroline Clemmons, September 8, 2012 8:49 PM

    Caroline Clemmons DIGGING FOR DEATH, a cozy mystery, first in the Heather Cameron series.

    Garden center manager Heather Cameron is DIGGING FOR DEATH to prove her old family friend, mentor, and employee, Walter Sims, is innocent of murdering the meanest man in town. Heather can’t trust the police to find the real killer when all clues point to poor Walter. The dead man was beaten to death with Walter’s shovel several hours after they were overheard arguing, and the two men had a long history of enmity. Walter definitely looks guilty, but Heather is sure—well, almost positive—okay, she certainly hopes her friend and mentor is innocent.
    Heather is compelled to scour the fictional North Central Texas town of Gamble Grove to exonerate her old friend. She’s encouraged when the new police detective in town, Kurt Steele, shows interest in helping her look for clues.
    The deeper Heather digs into the dead man’s life, the more she justifies his ruthless reputation. Walter is indicted, but police begin to suspect the victim’s stepson as murderer. Heather is convinced the stepson couldn’t have murdered anyone either—although it’s clear no love was lost between the two men. The attempted murder of the victim’s real son creates a new twist. Can Heather solve the murder without becoming the killer’s next victim?

  9. Sunny Frazier, Where Angels Fear
    Amateur astrologer Christy Bristol finds herself on the fringes of Kearny society and a members-only sex club as she reluctantly takes on a missing person case. Prominent business man Avery Anders has disappeared and his wife cannot go to the authorities. When the man’s horoscope reveals an affair and mortal danger, she enlists Christy to do an investigation.
    Christy’s day job with the local sheriff’s department is on the line as her investigation crosses paths with several homicide cases and surly Detective Kerwin. Could the cases be connected?
    Aided by best friend Lennie Watkins, the women find themselves on a treacherous trail that leads to the Veterans Hospital, a sex-specialty clothing store, mansions of the rich, and even touches on the Viet Nam War. With only a prescription bottle and matchbook as clues, the young woman must face the Knights of Sensani and her own sexual limitations.
    Christy Bristol must go where angels fear to tread.
    Set in the San Joaquin Valley of California, WHERE ANGELS FEAR is the sequel to FOOLS RUSH IN in the Christy Bristol Astrology Mysteries.

    Available at and

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  11. Theresa Danley, "EFFIGY"

    A serial killer is on the loose, depositing his victims’ hearts amid the Toltec ruins of central Mexico. Meanwhile, a priceless Mesoamerican artifact is stolen from the University of Utah, sweeping archaeologists Anthony Peet and Lori Dewson on a desperate recovery mission south of the border. Accompanied by a reluctant colleague, an enthusiastic young journalist and a Yaqui woman in mourning, the team must decipher clues hidden within the Aztec sunstone, mystical Toltec Pyramids and astronomical calendar rounds to find the priceless effigy of Quetzalcoatl. They suddenly find themselves in a race against the coming solar eclipse, all the while dodging a corrupt Mexican police force still on the hunt for the sadistic murderer – a killer who’s chosen one of them for his next human sacrifice.


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