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TBR welcomes Andrew P. Weston

TBR: Welcome to TBR, Andrew. Will you share a little bit about yourself?
Andrew: I was born in a little town called Bearwood in the UK. As the name suggests, it was an area of forests and woodlands (once thriving with bears) and was all that remained of the once huge Forest of Arden of Middle-Ages fame. (Part of THAT was Nottingham Forest).
At that time, my family was 5th generation military, (Royal Navy), and with that kind of heritage, it was a foregone conclusion which way my life would unfold.
Sure enough, despite being very creative and an avid sportsperson, and also being quite academic, I joined the military. Although I’d been accepted into the Navy on a 5 year ‘electronics and navigation’ accelerated promotion articifership course, I changed my mind with only a month until enlistment and joined the Royal Marines instead.
Life was “interesting” to say the least and I ended up serving in a number of specialist units and travelling to all sorts of places around the world.
Just under 9 years later, I joined the Police Service in Exeter, UK, and went on to serve in a number of diverse roles, (high speed pursuit driver, motorcyclist etc), and then later within Crime Intelligence.
Despite my gruff exterior, I love drawing, poetry, gardening and dancing, and am a big softy when it comes to animals – especially cats.
An accident at work ended my career a little earlier than intended, but that gave me time to devote myself to the writing I’d wanted to do for quite a number of years.

TBR: Tell us about Blood-Moon and where it's available.
Andrew: The very latest release is called “Blood-Moon,” a short story.
It is available on KDP Select at Amazon for three months, before widening to Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc.

The Amazon Links are as follows:

TBR: Please tantalize us with a story blurb or excerpt.
Andrew: Once every few hundred years, the Blood-Moon rises on an unsuspecting world. When it does—the very stuff of myth and legend comes to life.

He was sixth generation military, his path laid before him by his family. To secure his spot in the elite British Special Forces he found himself up against one of the harshest environments known to man. It is here that he will face an ancient horror.

What do you think might happen when nightmare becomes reality?

TBR: What inspired you to write about the theme?
Andrew: ‘They say’ write about what you know. So I did – with a little bit of imagination added to give it a juicy twist.

TBR: Are you a plotter or pantser?
Andrew: A bit of both. I like to lay out a plan of the main points/developments I want to cover. But in between? THAT can be a whole new box of chocolates, and I usually run with it. I’ve been surprised by the way the my stories have grown by allowing them to take on a life of their own.

TBR: Any tips or tricks for world building you’d care to share?
Andrew: Be thorough. Be real. Even when the technology involved is futuristic, or ‘powers’ your characters may be blessed with are ‘fantastical’, base them on a thoroughly researched set of rules. That will give them a true foundation and platform on which to set realistic boundaries while allowing them to grow.

TBR: Do you have a favorite quote you’d like to share?
Andrew: ‘We are Spartans! Arooh! Arooh! Arooh!’ from 300. I love that film.

TBR: Did any music inspire your book? Do you have a playlist?
Andrew: Yes – Evanescence – Swimming Home. It created the right ‘mood’ for me to develop my story in the way I wanted.

TBR: While creating your books, what was one of the most surprising things you learned?
Andrew: Quite simply – the amount of work involved in bringing even a simple idea to life. You have to give it a solid foundation. Structure, purpose. You have to breathe life into it. Many ‘ridiculers’ say, ‘Oh, you just sit down in front of the computer and type anything that comes into your head.’
Oh, if only they knew eh?

TBR: What's next for you?
Andrew: I’m currently developing the “Cambion Series”. It’s a paranormal adventure following the life and times of Augustus Thorne, a human/incubus hybrid. He hates what he is – along with the terrible hunger he is cursed with – and we follow his journey over the centuries as he uses his enhanced abilities to hunt down each and every demon he can find. Of course, his quest is only a prelude to the main event. The capture of his father – the very one who caused his existence!
And of course, I’m continuing my main work – The Guardian Series. I’m onto book 3 now and have high hopes for the future.

TBR: Any other published works?
Andrew: Guardian Angels – book 1 of the Guardian Series. A Sci-fi action/adventure set in the near future.
Fairy Tail – an erotic (noir) paranormal thriller

TBR: What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?
Andrew: One of my latest reviews for Guardian Angels states it should be made into a film! Needless to say – I thoroughly agree! J ha ha.

TBR: Where can readers find you on the web?
Andrew:  Website:

TBR: Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers?
Andrew: I’d just like to say ‘thank you’ for coming here today to find out a bit more about me. Please get to know me better through the above links, and especially through my stories. Take care now! J

TBR: Readers, Andrew P Weston will give away an e-book copy of either Blood-Moon, Guardian Angels or Fairy Tail, (winners choice) to one lucky commenter. He'll pick a winner next week and announce the winner here. Be sure to leave your email address so he can contact you.

Thanks for visiting TBR, Andrew. All the best to you.

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