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TBR welcomes Zenobia Renquist

TBR: Welcome to TBR, Zenobia Renquist. Will you share a little bit about yourself?
Zenobia: I’m a Paranormal/Fantasy Romance author and my books involve interracial and multicultural characters. My husband is Air Force and we are currently stationed in Hawaii with our two cats. And yes, Hawaii is very pretty. It doesn’t rain as much as Hawaii 5-0 would lead you to believe, but pretty much everything is about right, including Liliha Bakery, which is fantastic.

TBR: Tell us about Pet’s Pleasure and where it's available.
Zenobia: Pet’s Pleasure is a SciFi Alien Abduction Romance (MF) published with Ellora’s Cave. Starling has been kidnapped from Earth and sold to the king of an alien planet as his pet. Her new life consists of dealing with people’s low opinion of humans, dodging the king’s sadistic younger brother, and hiding her growing love for the king.

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TBR: Please tantalize us with a story blurb or excerpt.
The love of a good owner is hard to find.
Starling envied the easy life of pets…until she became one. Kidnapped from Earth and sold to the highest bidder, she now belongs to an alien king. But she doesn’t want to be his pampered possession. She wants Bekion to see her as an independent woman with needs and desires of her own.
Only deviants break the laws barring sexual relations between owners and their pets, and King Bekion has no intention of succumbing to simple lust. But the long nights with Starling’s lush body pressed tight against his take a toll. Her strength and intelligence make it difficult for Bekion to remember Starling is human—and forbidden. He knows it isn’t right but he can’t stop thinking of his pet and all the pleasure he could give her, even if it costs him his crown.

TBR: Are you a plotter or pantser?
Zenobia: I am most definitely a pantser. I write scenes as they come to me and then put them in order to make the story flow. Most of the time I don’t know where the story will go or how it will end until I’m finished writing.

TBR: How do you develop your characters?
Zenobia: My characters develop much like the story. I learn new things about them as I’m writing the story. Sometimes I start with a general idea of how I want my characters to be and then they evolve as different parts of the story are revealed. From time to time, new tidbits about the characters means I have to go back and tweak my writing, but that’s all part of the way I tell my stories.

TBR: Do you have a favorite quote you’d like to share?
Zenobia: My favorite quote is from E.L. Doctorow – “Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia.”

TBR: What's next for you?
Zenobia: My next title with Ellora’s Cave is a Vampire Romance in their bounty hunter theme called CREAM. It’s due out May 2013 and is about a necromancer who gets swept up in love and trouble by her new vampire partner.

TBR: What’s the most challenging aspect of writing? Most rewarding?
Zenobia: The most challenging aspect of writing is finishing. Sometimes that takes more effort than anything else. I have some books that flow and others that fight me for every single word. The most rewarding is to hear from readers who enjoyed my books.

TBR: What’s the most interesting comment you have received about your books?
Zenobia: The most interesting comment about my books came from a former coworker (when I had a day job). After finding out that I’m an author, she read one of my books. The next day she came to work, pulled me close and said, “I would have never expected something so twisted from someone as happy as you.” Since I smile all the time, my coworkers thought I wrote children’s books. I dissuaded at least one of them from that wrong notion.

TBR: Who are some of your favorite authors and books? What are you reading now?
Zenobia: I have so many favorite authors. My must buy list consists of (but isn’t limited to) Pamela Palmer, Alexandra Ivy, Kresley Cole, Monica Burns and Bianca D’Arc. I’m not reading anything now, but I do have plans to devour books from all the women listed above once I tame my to-be-written list.

TBR: Where can readers find you on the web?

TBR: Thanks for visiting TBR, Zenobia. All the best to you.


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