Saturday, December 22, 2012

TBR's 2nd Holiday BlurbFest!

Still need a little help getting into the holiday spirit? You've come to the right place. :) This weekend, TBR invites authors of holiday stories to share their blurbs.

How? Thanks for asking. :)

It's easy to participate. In the comments section, enter the following:

1) Book title
2) Author name
3) Book blurb
4) Buy link(s)

One blurb per author, please.

Don't let the Santa image fool you. Whatever December holiday your story touches on will work. I'm easy. :)

Readers, get ready to add to your TBR list!
Writers, post away!



  1. Ooh, Blurbfest sounds like fun! Thanks for the opportunity.

    I have a sci-fi romance holiday novella out from Carina Press to add to the TBR list:

    Anna Hackett

    Ex-space marine Savan Bardan survived the Galactic Wars to become the most ruthless trade negotiator in the galaxy. His planet needs energy to survive, and he'll do anything to close the deal for the Perman fusion crystals that can provide it—even if it means seducing his beautiful, infuriating opponent, a rival icier than her planet.

    Perma's top negotiator, Brinn Fjord, lost her father when Savan delayed her planet's Trade Guild membership years ago. She hates the handsome Rendarian and the planet he represents. She's determined to finish the deal and get rid of him as quickly as possible, so she can celebrate the holidays.

    But soon the rival negotiators are in a fight for their lives. Besieged by mysterious accidents and unforgiving weather, Brinn and Savan have no one to depend on but each other. As they put the past aside, they uncover a desire hot enough to melt ice, and Brinn discovers a secret that may keep them apart.


    Barnes and Noble:

    Carina Press:

  2. Hi all! Cate, thanks for setting this up :)

    A week after a battery of worldwide explosions, journalist Adam Grey wakes up in the hospital. He pieces together the events leading to his injury, involving a woman named Angela. Confronted with the truth behind the attacks, they–along with the world at large–are forced to reconsider conventional assumptions about human nature and possibility.

    First Cause (Book 1 of the Terranaut Trilogy)is a genre-bending science fiction thriller, with a diverse cast of characters and a strong female protagonist. Its influences include Margaret Atwood, George Orwell, Sinclair Lewis, Octavia Butler, Rod Serling and Ursula LeGuin.

    Amazon link:

    Barnes & Noble link:

    Goodreads link:

    Smashwords link:

  3. Thanks for the awesome idea! :) Happy holiday reading everyone.

    Twelve Dances
    Frances Pauli

    When Clara adds a brand new nutcracker to her favorite Christmas collection, she immediately starts having vivid, recurring dreams about her twelve wooden princes. As the holiday nears, her infatuation with the new nutcracker grows into a flirtation that sets the rest of the little soldiers against her. Dancing through an impossibly real battle in her sleep and dodging her infuriating family during the day, Clara’s holidays take a spin toward disaster. If she can survive both and make it to Christmas Eve in one piece, will Clara get to dance with the one prince she actually wants? And even if she does, what happens when the holiday passes and the nutcrackers are packed away for another year?

    publisher link:

  4. OOOH Thank you for the opportunity! I have an epic sci-fi adventure short story, just shy of 24k, just in time for that quick read when you need a break :)

    The Captain's Christmas
    Leona Bushman


    Captain Faraway Hastings sets off on what she thinks is a regular rescue mission, even if it did have the bad timing to be on Christmas. Disparate reports from the medical officer and captain of the downed ship cause her to look more closely at the situation.

    Ethan Roarke, lieutenant commander and chief medical officer, is frustrated with the time it's taking for help to come. When he learns that his captain has neglected to inform their rescuers of the dire straits his people are in, he's angry and concerned. But worse, his loyalties are now torn between his captain who lied and the one trying to save them.

    When Fara and Ethan meet, the attraction is immediate and strong despite the circumstances. Can Fara and Ethan discover the pirates hidden amongst them before they kill everyone on the ship? Or are they doomed to miss out on their chance of a Merry Christmas?

    link that includes excerpt:

    Thanks for arranging another blurbfest. The last one set me back a pretty penny. hehe

    OKAY.... here goes, I'm sharing details about my holiday release which, although it is book four in the Irish Kisses series, can be read as a stand alone.


    Hot winter kisses to warm broken hearts….

    Sick of tending to everyone else’s needs around the holidays, divorced barmaid and granny Sandra ferries it from London to Belfast. All she wants for Christmas is some peace with a romance story in front of a roaring fire in a remote Irish castle. What she gets is a most unexpected Christmas present from her friends at Bell’s—A 1Night Stand with a young Irishman.

    Can she hack it in the real world of romance, or are life’s complications and treacherous snowstorms best left to the pages of a book?

    Newly widowed Ardan Draighean owns Ballygalley castle. Once run as a hotel with his late wife, the stone building now serves as a home for him and his son. After hearing about Madame Eve’s matchmaking skills, he contacts her in search of the perfect match. Although much older than him—by fifteen years—Sandra is his ideal woman. He be damned if he’ll let a good story get in the way of his happy ever after with her.

    Hot winter kisses are all this couple needs to stay warm this Christmas, but will the heat stay long after the magical season of mistletoe has finished?



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