Sunday, February 5, 2012

This week on TBR

Another great lineup of authors is headed to TBR this week!

Monday - J.M. Griffin

Wednesday - Jean Hart Stewart

Friday - Marva Dasef

And with the new month comes a new lineup of amazing covers, displayed on the left.

Plus a new Featured Author - please visit with the February Featured Author, Rae Lori. She's fabulous!

Thanks to everyone who visited yesterday, and to the authors who participated in the first blurb fest! Hopefully the first of many. TBR had 55 visitors, so it was a success! Authors are welcome to still post their fantasy blurbs on the post below today, if you wish.


  1. I read everyday, but might not comment. Just wanted you to know I was here. I know! I'll go Join the site with that button over there>>>>

  2. Thanks for the follow, Marva!
    That's the second comment I've had to fetch from the Spam filter, fyi. No clue why!
    Looking forward to your visit.


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