Sunday, October 14, 2012

Coming up on TBR

Two not-to-be-missed authors are confirmed for this week:

M - 15 - Roseann Dowell
W- 17  - Charlotte Babb
October's half over! That means only half a month left to visit with the authors of the Spirited anthology, who are TBR's Featured Authors this month. Don't miss them before they vanish! The Featured Author page is one of the features at TBR that I'll cut for next year. I'm on the lookout for other ways to share authors' work, though, so stay tuned. :)

Thanks to the authors who shared their blurbs this weekend in the Paranormal BlurbFest! TBR had about 30 unique visitors by Sunday evening. There's still time to share your paranormal blurb in the comments section below!

And on Oct. 27-28, watch for the Halloween BlurbFest. :)

Thanks, as always, for your support.

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