Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween BlurbFest this weekend!

Authors, do your stories contain Halloween themes? Then you're invited to share your book blurbs this weekend for the inaugural Halloween BlurbFest!

It's easy to participate. In the comments section, post the following:

- book title
- author name
- book blurb
- buy link

One blurb per author, please.

Readers, get ready to add to your TBR list. :)

Post away!


  1. In the Midnight Hour
    by Cate Masters

    Available from

    Buried things have a bad habit of resurfacing, often when Josie least wants to deal with them. Nothing like a dead person to lend perspective to her miserable life.
    When she signs on as a ghost tour guide in Gettysburg, Josie gets a fresh glimpse at the spirit world. Civil War soldier Nicholas Whitby is more real, and more attentive, than any living guy she knows.
    Until Garrett joins the tour company. He warns her against Nick, who plans to destroy The Gate between worlds on Halloween.
    Josie’s torn between the sweet Nick she knows, and the fear growing with each nasty encounter with Gettysburg’s ghosts. Just when she’s finally learned to feel comfortable in her tattooed skin, she must divine the truth. Will trusting a dead man unleash a legion of vicious spirits upon the earth?
    Trick or treat never held such deadly consequences. Will Gettysburg become a ghost town for real?

  2. Demons Love Cinnamon
    By Kate Richards
    Available at

    Halloween night...the veils thin and anything is possible. For a witch named Gwenny, this means the biggest ritual of her life and a demon named Alessandro who may is both the biggest temptation and danger of her young life. He may warm her bed, but will he haul her back to Hell?

    Her powers and the demon's desire to stay with her will be tested, but will love and desire be enough to beat the devil at his own game?

  3. At a very young age the Rules of Conduct for the Fallen Angels were drummed into Eli Grigori’s head. Rule number one: Do not befriend a human. Rule number two: Do not interfere in their lives. Rule number three: Do not have relations with a human. Rule number four: Under no circumstances will you ever reveal your true self. He managed to break all of the above.

    Ol’ Hallow’s Eve is the day the veil between worlds are thin. It’s the only day out of the year the preternatural beings are allowed to walk among the humans as their true selves. With Eli’s wings bound and his glamour stripped, the Elders send him back in time before Ryden O’Sullivan knew the truth about him. If she is truly his soul mate, then her heart should recognize him.

    There are those among the Watchers who are afraid Eli might succeed in his quest for love. If he does, everything will change within the brethren. Hashasheen demons, assassins for hire are sent to take out Eli and Ryden. Eli is a warrior and will fight to keep Ryden safe, but time may be his biggest enemy. The Elders gave him until the end of Ol’ Hallow’s Eve. Ryden must fall in love with him by then or his life will be forfeited.


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