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TBR welcomes Theresa Danley

TBR: Welcome to TBR, Theresa. Will you share a little bit about yourself?
Theresa:  Thanks Cate!  Glad to be here.
A bit about me – well, I love science and history and I enjoy research, so quite naturally I’m a fan of archaeology.  I also like to write and actually began writing historical fiction.  But there was just one element missing.  It was my craving for good adventures that converted my historicals into thrillers.  As a result, I finally broke through into the published domain with my first two archaeological thrillers, EFFIGY and DEITY.

TBR: Tell us about DEITY and where it's available.
Theresa:  DEITY is the sequel to my first book, EFFIGY.  My main characters, archaeologists Anthony Peet and Lori Dewson, find themselves challenged by another series of twists and mysteries that lead them through some of Mexico’s most fascinating ancient sites.  Of course, as in the first book, readers can expect to find Mesoamerican mythology entwined with modern science and history.  I call it an archaeological thrill ride through the Mayan Long Count Calendar.
You can find DEITY in paperback or electronically through Amazon:

TBR: Please tantalize us with a story blurb or excerpt.
Theresa:  Here’s the cover blurb:
“While on the hunt for two missing colleagues in Mexico, anthropologist Anthony Peet barely escapes a cenote collapse with his life while his student, Lori Dewson, is lost to a watery grave. Reeling from the tragedy, he is forced to continue his search, which quickly leads to the trail of a stolen reliquary cross rumored to have direct access to God. Little does Peet realize he’s centered himself between two opposing paramilitaries gridlocked in their own clandestine war.
Combed from the land where even gods are known to fall, subtle clues sweep Peet from majestic Mayan pyramids to Izapan mythology to the Long Count Calendar’s cosmology. Secrets are as entangled as the tropical forests and unraveling them requires wading through the emotional jungle of his own heart. In this world, truths are distorted every step of the way and Peet must determine which friends cannot be trusted, which enemies to befriend, what finds were never lost and which losses should never be found.”

TBR: Which of your characters would you most/least like to invite to dinner, and why?
Theresa: What a fun question.  Interestingly, I would most like to share dinner with my newest character, Chac Bacab.  Chac enters the series in DEITY and as the story progressed, his character surprised me as he development.  I had so much fun writing him into DEITY that it feels like the story ended before I could fully explore his potential.  We just might see more of him in the future!

TBR: While creating your books, what was one of the most surprising things you learned?
Theresa: I never knew just how fascinating Mesoamerican cultures were until I began researching them.  Their understanding of astronomy and how they evolved their daily life and mythology around their cosmology is truly impressive.

TBR: Tease us with one little thing about your fictional world that makes it different from others.
Theresa: While keeping as true to science and historical facts as possible, I offer my own explanations and interpretations to a few of the ancient world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

TBR: What's next for you?
Theresa: Currently I’m working on the third and final book in the series.  In the third book, the characters bring back what they’ve learned about the Mesoamerican world (through EFFIGY and DEITY) and use that knowledge to solve a couple mysteries closer to home.

TBR: Any other published works?
Theresa:  EFFIGY is also available through Amazon and Whiskey Creek Press.  While DEITY is centered upon the cosmology of the Mayan culture, EFFIGY begins the series with a focus on the cosmology of the Toltec culture of Central Mexico.

Here’s the cover blurb for EFFIGY:

“A serial killer is on the loose, depositing his victims’ hearts amid the Toltec ruins of central Mexico.  Meanwhile, a priceless Mesoamerican artifact is stolen from the University of Utah, sweeping archaeologists Anthony Peet and Lori Dewson on a desperate recovery mission south of the border.  Accompanied by a reluctant colleague, an enthusiastic young journalist and a Yaqui woman in mourning, the team must decipher clues hidden within the Aztec sunstone, mystical Toltec pyramids and astronomical calendar rounds to find the priceless effigy of Quetzalcoatl.  They suddenly find themselves in a race against the coming solar eclipse, all the while dodging a corrupt Mexican police force still on the hunt for the sadistic murderer - a killer who’s chosen one of them for his next human sacrifice.”

TBR: What’s the most challenging aspect of writing? Most rewarding?
Theresa: For me, the challenge is making a fictional story work around actual historical events or true science because often what I want the story to do won’t comply with real world facts.  A lot of adjustments have to be made, but that often creates some really great plot twists in the process.

TBR: Where can readers find you on the web?
Theresa: Readers can find me at  

TBR: Readers, Theresa will give away an autographed copy of DEITY and a special prize to one lucky commenter. She'll pick a winner next week and announce the winner here. Be sure to leave your email address so she can contact you.

Thanks for visiting TBR, Theresa. All the best to you.


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