Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fun week coming up at TBR!

One event and one author are confirmed for this week:

M - 29 - Wild and Wicked Halloween Scavenger Hunt
W- 31 - Alexander Granados
Thanks to the authors who shared their Halloween blurbs this weekend! TBR had about 36 unique visitors  so hopefully some will add your books to their TBR lists.

Thursday begins a new month! There's still time to visit the October Featured Authors, contributors to the Spirited anthology

Depending on how long Sandy overstays her visit here in central Pennsylvania, I may or may not be able to get the November Featured Author up on time. Apologies in advance to this week's authors, as I may not be able to welcome you as I normally do.

I'm still looking for ideas for the two blurb fests in November - any suggestions?

Thanks, as always, for your support!


  1. How about books featuring psychics, fortune tellers, tarot cards and astrology? Title: "Signs of the Times."

  2. I like Sunny's idea! I will offer "paranormal activity" as a theme. Books set around the Marfa Mystery Lights (like mine) or in Sedona, AZ, or over in Nevada at Groom Lake/Nellis AFB where the aliens are hidden . . . all offer lots of good scary stuff. How about ghost stories? Those are always fun!

  3. It may seem prosaic, but what about holidays? I don't mean only the usual suspects of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but lesser known ones such as Samhain (Wiccan), Chanukah (Jewish), Kwanzaa (Afro-American), Diwali (Hindu); I know I'm leaving out several. And/or a theme about holiday foods from various cultures.

  4. How about a blurb fest on weight loss ? what worked and what didn't.

  5. How about a blurb fest on holidays gone wrong with a focus on funny mishaps at holiday get togethers.


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