Sunday, March 11, 2012

Coming up on TBR

Check out the great authors coming this week to TBR!

Monday, March 12  - Smoky Zeidel
Wednesday, March 14  - Anne K. Albert
Friday, March 16  - Melinda Clayton
And don't forget to check out TBR's March Featured Author, Kitty Keswick. Find out why she has far to go!
Thanks to the authors who posted their blurbs for the Paranormal Blurb Fest! About 40 people visited TBR over the weekend, so I'm calling it another success. :) 

Next up is the SciFi Blurb Fest on March 24. Looking forward to reading some exciting scifi blurbs, so mark your calendars!


  1. Science fiction blurbs! I can get into that.

  2. Never heard of Blurb Fests, but they sound cool. I'll check it out.


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