Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paranormal Blurbfest

This weekend, all authors of paranormal fiction are invited to share their blurbs at TBR.

It's easy to participate! In the comments section, enter:

- your book title
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One blurb per author, please.

I'm looking forward to reading some great blurbs this weekend!


  1. BOOK TITLE: Milayna
    AUTHOR: Michelle Pickett
    PUBLISHER: Spencer Hill Press
    RELEASE DATE: March 2014


    That night I dreamt of demons.

    They chased me. No matter how fast or where I ran, they chased me.

    Horns protruded from their heads. Some had two, one next to each pointed, gray ear. Some had one in the center of their forehead. Their gray skin was stained with a layer of dark ash. The ash curled behind them as they ran, bringing with it the smell of sulfur and rotting flesh. Their eyes were black orbs. They looked like doll’s eyes, dead eyes.

    I screamed for my parents.

    “Don’t fight it, Milayna. This is your destiny,” my dad told me.

    I ran to Muriel’s house. My best friend, surely she’d help. She stood at the door waiting for me.

    “Help me,” I pleaded.
    She smiled and horror filled me as I watched her jaw protrude, her mouth filled with dagger like teeth. She grabbed my arms and held me for the demons.

    “Muriel, help me,” I whispered.

    “I am helping you. You’ll see. You’ll be so much happier with us,” she hissed through her fangs.

    I struggled against the demons. Their long, yellow nails bit into my flesh, drawing blood. They pulled me to their leader who stood silently watching, adjusting the sleeves of his robe as if he was bored.

    He looked like the devil. His skin ruddy, his eyes a glowing yellow. Jet black hair slicked back on his head hung to his shoulders. But the demons didn’t call him Devil, or Satan, or even Lucifer. They called him…


    Thank you so much for the opportunity to share a portion of my first ya paranormal romance!

    It releases in March 2014. Keep up with Milayna news: HERE!

    Michelle :)
    Author, Pods, available June 4th

  2. The Dark Blood Brotherhood Book One: First Bite (YA)
    L.B. Shire
    Wild Horse Press

    Madaline 'Maddie' Reed spends her restless and lonely nights exploring the eerie forest that borders her relatives manor. It is here in the unnerving shadows and darkness of these woods the fight for her life begins, and one kiss will change her fate forever.

    Ashtine is an orphan taken in by the Dark Blood Brotherhood and trained to be a bounty hunter; he tracks and kills rogue wolves that hunt unsuspecting mortals who dare wander into the forests. This is where he finds Maddie. With one bite, he changes the course of his destiny. With one kiss, the course of his life.


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